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8th Grade American History

Hello, and Welcome!!

My name is Allison Tonne. I’m the secondary 6th-12th Principal and the 8th grade History Teacher here at Paint Rock. 2020-2021 marks my 23rd year in education and my 8th year at PR.

I’m excited to see what this year brings after the crazy spring semester we all had! My plan is just move forward and keep on rockin’!

In 8th grade, we study the history of America from Exploration through Reconstruction. Some topics within this course could be uncomfortable for some people, but please know we are going to talk about all of them. I think you are old enough to start forming your own (informed) opinion about historical events, and for that matter, current events. You will regularly be asked to write about current events, some specific, and some of your choosing. Pay attention to the news to be prepared to answer questions about local, national, and world events.

We have a STAAR Test on Friday, May 7, 2021. This is a significant event for us. We’ll be ready for it but plan on working hard to do well on it. 

Allison Tonne

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