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Online learning information


Parents and Students:zoom
We are rearranging teacher Zoom Meeting times to better meet the needs of our families. The wording below is from the attached document. If you have any questions, please let us know by messaging this facebook page, contacting your teacher, or emailing

* Paint Rock Teachers will be available by Dojo, Remind Text, Google Classroom or email from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday for ANY of their students.

Each teacher will have a 30 minute Zoom Meeting open to their students at least twice a week, as seen by the chart below. Students may get on their teacher's Zoom Meeting during that time to ask questions, get help, or just to say hi.

Each of these Zoom Meetings are "come and go" meaning that if the student wants to check in for a few minutes, then go on to something else, or stay and talk, they are welcome to. The teachers will be logged in the whole 30 minute period on these two days. *

Paint Rock ISD Online Connections

Mrs. Fowler
Google Classroom Codes
4th Social Studies 3oqhmo4
3rd Science tfrliff

Coach Wooten PE / Athletics
Google Classroom
1st-5th Pe Code: s5ii2du
6th-8th Athletics code: x2kgk5c
9th-12th Athletics code: sgf2eca

Coach Pyburn’s Ag Math Class
Google Classroom Code ghn2vbo

Mrs. Fischer's English Classes
All students have been on this year.

Mr. Hobson’s Music and Band Classes
Google Classroom Codes
4th, 5th,6th- vnmq2gm
Varsity Band- h2cvyjq

Remind Texts:
Text @paintrockb to 954-246-3571

Mr. Hendryx's Classes
World History @egba74
U.S. History @a2988g
Economics @64k3k3
Teen Leadership @e4734ec

Google Classroom Codes:
Teen Leadership  p2i5sfg
Economics  gfjpjwo
U.S. History  scsyslz
World History  m6qfjla

High School Science- Mrs. Scott
text @kh7773 to the number 81010 for Anatomy
text @8ca9b63 to the number 81010 for Chemistry
text @829368 to the number 81010 for Prin of Tech
text @4ehek8 to the number 81010 for Biology

Google Classroom
Anatomy = iegived
Biology = sycp63r
Chemistry = soc2uof
Principles of Technology = vbtrhnx

Coach Bourland's Classes
5th grade Google Classroom- ohlxy5i
6th & 7th grades Google Classroom - 3gfz5fl
Communications Google Classroom- hc76fmb

Remind Texts
5th grade History- text @29haa49 to 81010
6th grade History- text @3672e3 to 81010
7th grade History- text @368fa6c to 81010
Communications class- text @dcce98 to 81010

Google Classroom Codes
Algebra 1- ped2sdw
Algebra 2- hyjwmwa
Geometry- xodrrnb

4th Grade Science: Text @94kgbe to 81010
5th Grade Science: Text @e7heck to 81010
6th Grade Science: Text @d8c2ck to 81010
7th Grade Science: Text @k4ahcd to 81010
8th Grade Science: Text @eb7cbd to 81010
IPC: Text @adafc3 to 81010

Google Classroom Codes
4th Grade Science: iaiabv3
5th Grade Science: 7enwnxg
6th Grade Science: emvxfc4
7th Grade Science: w35s3ju
8th Grade Science: ihmcb4c
IPC: 2lvpim5
High School Spanish- Mrs. Ojeda
Self-Paced Study this week. Go to:
Google Classroom
Spanish I is yll4oxn
Spanish II is vzirze5

All Special Education Students (and parents) please sign up for Mrs. Buxkemper’s Texts
Text @mrsbuxke to 81010

Technology Classes - Mrs. Morrison
Google Classroom Codes
1st Period: Graphic Design - bql3ra3
3rd Period: General Employability Skills - vb73jyw
4th Period: Graphic Design - xjv6voe
5th Period: Robotics - 7n4lvbw
6th Period: BIMS - x4sepmp
7th Period: BIMS - jgulx3a
8th Period: Robotics - s7q2nvg

Google Classroom
6th Grade Math- ybb2g42
7th Grade Math- ywimnzo
8th Grade Math- 3u6p2sb

Remind Texts- Text the class code to 81010 :
6th grade- @28adkg
7th grade- @932928
8th grade- @6bc24k

Google Classroom
Intro to Culinary Arts – 2jy5r4u
High School Art 1 & 2 – kt5ejrc
Principles of Human Services – htldeb7
Child Development – q7qr6zp
Principles of Tourism and Hospitality – g5yspak

Remind Texts:
Text the class code to 81010:
Intro to Culinary Arts – @27e484f
High School Art 1 & 2 – @bfgbec
Principles of Human Services – @38f23eh
Child Development – @9c9k63
Principles of Tourism and Hospitality – @c9kb9f2

Google Classroom
English I: 4prsefi
English II: acai7a
English III: brhay9h
English IV: rhly09f

quill. org Codes
English I: action-hour
English II: moon-due
English III: access-time
English IV: care-remove

Remind Texts
English I: Text @7bkgd7 to 81010
English II: Text @26g369 to 81010
English III: Text @c2a44fe to 81010
English IV: Text @h4gd4c to 81010

8th GRADE HISTORY- Mrs. Tonne
Google Classroom- 35tjzbx
Remind Texts- text @atonne to 81010