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Remote Learning Info

Paint Rock ISD Online Connections for Students and Remind Text Codes for Students and Parents 2020 - 2021

bell schedule
(Elementary check Class Tag, Secondary, check Google Classroom and Remind Texts)

* PK-5th please check Class Tag for updates.

* 6th-12th must be on zoom for each class (not activity period). For PE and Athletics, check the Google Classroom for those classes first. Comment for attendance and follow any directions that the coach has on Google Classroom. Follow the bell schedule.

GT Students
Google Classroom Code
Mrs. Cavazos and Mrs. Scott

Coach Wooten PE / Athletics
Google Classroom
1st-5th Pe Code: s5ii2du
6th-8th Athletics code: x2kgk5c
9th-12th Athletics code: sgf2eca

Coach Pyburn’s Ag Classes
Google Classroom
Ag Math bz44piy
Wildlife xqst6zj
Ag Mechanics I (sophomores) 5bn7fby
Ag Mechanics II (juniors) 5bn7fby
Welding I (Juniors) lm3i73x
Welding II (Seniors) bnh5wp6

Mr. Hobson’s Music and Band Classes
Google Classroom Codes
4th, 5th,6th- vnmq2gm
Varsity Band- h2cvyjq

Remind Texts:
Text @paintrockb to

Mr. Hendryx's Classes

Zoom Meeting ID for all classes: 5589499214

Remind Codes:
World Geography @hbakd9
World History @dgcdg2
U.S. History @ushisthen
Govt. Econ.  @govthen
Teen Leadership @6gk8fk

Google Classroom Codes:
Teen Leadership 6vcl2js
Govt./Econ n2kvrsw
U.S. History c2zqb4v
World History ejgnuud

High School Science- Mrs. Scott
text @h3672h to the number 81010 for Anatomy
text @8ka6dg to the number 81010 for Biology
text @3g8gfd to the number 81010 for Chemistry
text @cg6863g to the number 81010 for Prin of Tech

Google Classroom (Scott)
Anatomy = ppgigid
Biology = lg4gl57
Chemistry = 665ywxp
Principles of Technology = hqlpqs2
Gifted and Talented = maibehc

Google Classroom Codes
6th Grade Math- kop3lfb
7th Grade Math- svfmzor
8th Grade Math-mgaox33

Remind Codes
6th Grade Math: Text @charlieore to 81010
7th Grade Math: Text @4kc8ca to 81010
8th Grade Math: Text @g9379b2 to 81010

6th Grade Science: Text @agk8ac9 to 81010
7th Grade Science: Text @eh732a to 81010
8th Grade Science: Text @fggkheg to 81010
IPC: Text @hk68d87 to 81010
Strategic Learning for HS Math: Text @hkcg66 to 81010

Google Classroom Codes
6th Grade Science: kxnieh3
7th Grade Science: hymg72j
8th Grade Science: 5mkvwsn
IPC: xdtty5x
Strategic Learning for HS Math: kcxezta
All Special Education Students (and parents) please sign up for Mrs. Buxkemper’s Texts
Text @mrsbuxke to 81010

Technology Classes - Mrs. Morrison
Google Classroom Codes
Graphic Design - sfd4m2v
Data Entry/Web Communication - 5xaucnb
Robotics - doghvgx
BIMM - kjqns52
Audio Visual Production - re27xls
Remind Codes
Graphic Design - @gra4d
Data Entry/Web Communication - @dat4web
Robotics - @urc3po
BIMM - @what5up
Audio Visual Production - @nbeyon9

High School Math- Ms. Loyd
Geometry (1st Period)
Google Classroom- zj3nzng
Remind- @he8f24

Geometry (5th Period)
Google Classroom- xlyjn5x
Remind- @62a7k7
Algebra I
Google Classroom- ztguh6s
Remind- @c4dd9e
Algebra 2
Google Classroom- 3qm5y7b
Remind- @8237ed2

Google Classroom
Intro to Culinary Arts - 7vjz6og
Child Development - ryl22y5
Secondary Art 1 - rlmsc3d
Human Services 1 - hxtdp2t
Human Services 2 - ipbhcwl
Secondary Art 2 - ft6el67

Remind Texts:
Text the class code to 81010:
Intro to Culinary Arts - @27e484f
Principles of Human Services - @38f23eh
Child Development - @9c9k63
Secondary Art - @bfgbec
Elementary Art - @cafga7ka
T.A.F.E. - @d7dddf
FCCLA - @8fd4ac

Google Classroom
English I: fcq75nu fcq75nu
English II: p5gbnyf
English III: rg6eted
English IV: fhh6c6g
Jordyn and I are co-teachers for 8th: 5ujqdvs

Remind Texts
English I: Text @e1gray to 81010
English II: Text @e2gray to 81010
English III: Text @e3gray to 81010
English IV: Text @eng4gray to 81010

8th GRADE HISTORY- Mrs. Tonne
Google Classroom- 2sthf2p
Remind Texts- text @atonne to 81010

Spanish- Monica Keith
Spanish 1 - text @span1keith to 81010
Spanish 2 - text @span2keith to 81010

Google Classroom
Spanish 1 - Class Code yy4btug
Spanish 2 - Class Code gotblp5

6-8 ELAR - Mrs. Fischer
Remind Codes
8th @a891d5e
7th @4befe
6th @@kh88g
8th 5ujqdvs
7th idccget
6th unqa5bb

6th Grade Social Studies - World Cultures - Baylie Barnes
Remind: @6world20
Google Classroom: qbjur5t

7th Grade Social Studies - Texas History - Baylie Barnes
Remind: @7txhist20
Google Classroom: 5mthshf

5th & 6th Grade- Pre-Athletic Girls-r32cjrx
Jr High Girls Athletics- 4vimmen
High School Girls Volleyball- stdsxnu