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Kristy Andrews

Hi, Parents and Students!

Welcome to my online classroom.

If you have not already connected to Remind, please follow the directions below to connect to the appropriate grade level for your student. If you have a student in more than one of my classes, please connect to all the grade levels that meet your family’s needs.

Included, you will find Google Classroom Codes. Students should have access to my Google Classrooms. However, I have listed them here should you need them, again.

If you have any questions, you can message me on Remind or email me at

Grade Remind Google Classroom Codes
4th Grade Science Text @94kgbe to 81010 iaiabv3
5th Grade Science Text @e7heck to 81010 7enwnxg
6th Grade Science Text @d8c2ck to 81010 emvxfc4
7th Grade Science Text @k4ahcd to 81010 w35s3ju
8th Grade Science Text @eb7cbd to 81010 ihmcb4c
10th Grade IPC Text @adafc3 to 81010 2lvpim5


Kristy Andrews

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