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Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Mission: All Paint Rock ISD students will proficient or above in all
content areas.
Vision: In cooperation with families and the community, Paint
Rock ISD will produce lifelong, 21st century learners with Kind
Hearts, Brave Spirits, and Fierce minds.

Homework: Students will be asked to read 20 minutes a day.
Spelling tests are on Friday, it is up to parents how to study.

Philosophy: I believe in the power of play and the importance of
letting children be children. Further, research does not indicate
significant benefits of homework at the elementary level. When a
student gives us their all during the day, they deserve to have their
night. Therefore, I have eliminated the majority of homework.
Read together, eat dinner as a family, and enjoy your child’s
extracurricular activities without worrying about homework, and
know that your child is working hard at school each day. *Please
note, if a student exhibits off tasks behaviors during the school day
and fails to complete an assignment, it will be sent home for

Grading: Daily assignments are one grade. Tests/major
assignments are taken as two grades. I count off 5 points for every
incorrect answer regardless of the number of questions. Students
can lose 1 to 5 points for minor mistakes. Students can correct work
to earn half the points missed back.