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New User Instructions:

  1. Create Account

  2. Fill in all information

  3. You must verify your email address when prompted

  4. Log out and back in

  5. New Student enrollment

  6. Follow all prompts

  7. You will be asked to request an enrollment key

  8. Fill in all information

  9. Make sure to click on each form

  10. Click SAVE at the bottom of each form

  11. Print enrollment confirmation

Once your student has been accepted you will need to log back in and link your student to your account by using the student's Portal ID.

Administration Contact Information

Superintendent: Kristi Mickelson
Email Kristi Mickelson

Deputy Superintendent: Deanna Burt
Email Deanna Burt

Director of Counseling/Title IX: Sarah McDowell
Email Sarah McDowell

Secondary Principal: Kimberly Cobb
Email Kimberly Cobb
Phone: 325-732-4314

Elementary Principal: Skylar Dement
Email Skylar Dement
Phone: 325-550-3761

Elementary Counselor: Michele Fowler
Email Michele Fowler

Secondary Counselor: Fisher  Pyburn
Email Fisher Pyburn

Secretary/Receptionist: Leticia Taylor
Email Leticia Taylor

Principal Secretary/Registrar/Attendance: Linda Plumley
Email Linda Plumley

Technology/Cybersecurity Director: Russell Hoelscher
Email Russell Hoelscher
Phone: 325-732-4314 x2090

Student Services

How to Access School Email

Student Email Access Instructions

Click on the Student Email Access Link below to access your school email account.


You email address will be your computer username followed by 

For example:

Your email password is you computer password.