The nurse provides first aid and nursing care to students and employees who become ill or injured at school. The nurse works closely with students with chronic disabilities to enable them to function in the least restrictive school setting while addressing their individual medical needs. The nurse also serves as a resource for employees and students regarding health matters. The nurse presents many health related programs, including CPR/First Aid, growth and development, drug education, nutrition, and hygiene.

Texas State law requires immunization for all students. Nurses interpret records and work with parents to insure compliance with current state laws. Vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings and an assessment for type II diabetes are done on certain grade levels, and appropriate referrals for possible abnormalities in these areas are made based on responses of the students during screenings.

The goal of each school nurse is to ensure every student a healthy and productive lifestyle during their time in school. We strive to keep each student healthy and in the classroom so they can hear and learn what the teacher is teaching while maintaining a level of health that enables the student to work at their potential.

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